Tuesday, June 2, 2015

Paint Alternative

No Fancy Graphic here. This is a vinyl paint alternative. meaning I covered up some chips and bad paint on the front bumper, and in front of the back wheel well.

hood graphics

Kingfisher Boat Graphics

KingFisher Custom Graphics on a Boat. these are actually quite easy to install. and i can fit the print for both sides onto the same section of material, thus keeping the price down.

Chevy Midnight Edition Decals

What's cooler than matte black on a black truck? another happy customer.

Monday, June 1, 2015

Wrapped Chrome

Vinyl is the new paint. at least when it comes to covering chrome it is. because paint does not like to stick to chrome, vinyl is a great lasting alternative, available in a variety of colors, many a perfect match for your existing paint.

chrome grille, now a white grille

chrome rear bumper, now a white bumper.

the only thing to note when considering vinyl paint alternative is that you can not use a pressure washer. if there is a lifting corner take care to get it toughed up, for any loose edges when pressure washing, are a window for water to enter under the vinyl. if you do this, you could have a chrome bumper again very quickly. so take care, and hand wash vinyl covered areas. same applies for your regular vinyl graphics.