Saturday, March 24, 2012

Pro GraphicsSteve, installing graphics.

Reproduction graphics on a kawasaki. the rear fender still needed to be installed here, along with the back tire.

Steve installing graphics.

Go-Kart Graphics (x2)

Kelly's Graphics
(kart 1)

And his daughter's Graphics
(Kart 2) using our 'Rockstar' graphics elements, and the colours of her choice.

Goalie Helmet/Mask Graphics

Custom goalie mask for Megan Spooner.
because the template changes for every size and make we have to have the helmet in store, so we can template it. once we have done that, making the graphics is easy.

Friday, March 16, 2012

Rockstar kit on Kawi

The rockstar kit on a kawasaki. I believe this is a 125cc, but I would have to double check. might be a 85/100. you can get this kit on the website, and choose your own colours, logos, etc.

bushleague sled decal Decal, featuring my illustrations, on the tail of a snowmobile.

Kenny Smith

Professional Cyclist Kenny Smith came into the shop today, and we set him up with decals of his choosing for his new frame. Check him out some time in the near futur, in a commercial for fox apparel. Filmed by his brother Jeremy Smith, who runs