Friday, September 30, 2011

Website update time

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It's that time of year again folks. That time where we update the company website. This is the cover page for the website so far. there will be a set of buttons near the top to send you to the motocross and sled graphics, and another to the commercial signage. What the site looks like now, is relative to when you read this, but this is today's direction. visit us at

Monday, September 19, 2011

MX Graphics for Mitchell Watt

Customer Feedback:

Hi Mark,

This is Mitchell Watt from Alberta. You designed the graphics for my 2011 Kawi's and Rag - Tag Racing. I am emailing you to say I am very impressed with your work and the patience you had with me while we worked together to create the graphics. The outcome of the graphics were phenomenal and they turn heads each time people walked by our bikes in the pits. They held up well and took a lot abuse, and I am very happy to say I won the 2011 CMRC Alberta Provincial  Junior Mx-1 Championship with Print-Werx decals on my bike. and I also came very close to winning two other championships as well. It was  a exciting, hard fought season. For next year I will be racing in Intermediate and would like to work with you and Print-Werx again to hopefully bring home a 2012 championship. Thanks Mark !

I also sent you some pictures of my bikes for you to see and so you can maybe you use on the Print-Werx site.

Mitchell Watt 

Tuesday, September 6, 2011

Carl Kuster Mountain Park Logo and Sled Design 1

The Jalapeno is not mine, but the CKMP is a redesign of mine.
They originally had  a similar mountain, I just made it work as a lighting bolt too.

This design can be ordered from
it is not on their website so you would have to email them at:

Banners for Northern Industrial Sales

Designs for trade show banned. Client: Northern Industrial Sales
The first proof of the banner looked like this. after various requirements of the client, it ended up looking like that which is below. I thought I wold post the first draft just because i liked it. feel free to leave comments (In fact I encourage it.)
Static Trade-Show banner. Final

Rotating Banner 1, 'Who We Are'
This banner loops on a stand that keeps it rotating .

Thursday, September 1, 2011

Heritage Trail Signs for the City of Prince George, 2011

In the continuing effort of the Prince George Heritage Commission, in conjunction with 'The Exploration Place' and The Prince George Library, the Down Town Prince George Heritage Trail has has the additions of the following signs. We invite all to come down town and see the corresponding locations.