Friday, June 15, 2012

RTP Trucking Logo

Here is the new logo for RTP Trucking.
The large K in trucking is no accident. Ray, the owner has 4 children. when he named the company he only had 3, so R,T & P. The 4th, luckily started with a letter that's in trucking, 'K'. And it makes for  a nice visual  joke of Truc King. The mountains and the trees are because of the area we live in, and the logs and wood that he would typically be hauling. In most cases this logo will appear with the lettering in chrome. and as I can't just make chrome materialize out of your screen, it is mildly simulated in the smaller logos.

Wednesday, June 13, 2012

Menu Boards for Ol'School Texas BBQ

We have a local entrepreneur starting a BBQ brisquit business out of a school bus. I don't have any photos of the bus, but I assure you it's wild. These are some of the signage that goes along with the bus. The menu board has empty space so that he can add items over time. simply cut white vinyl to the shape of the type, and apply.

Kris Foster, monster MX Graphics

These graphics were designed for Kris Foster. A sponsored rider of Monster's. I threw a printwerx 'P' Pattern into the background, because we are sponsoring him too. Check him out in the arena cross community.

Friday, June 1, 2012

Boat graphics concepts.

"BloodBath" Boat graphics concept, featuring skull art by Jitka Trckova.