Tuesday, August 14, 2012

Menu Board Design

This design is for the Artisan Deli, at the University of Saskatchewan, in Saskatoon. I don't expect to get any photos back to show what becomes of this, but it will have a 3D element to it. unfortunately building a wood frame and having each panel as a separate item is outside of the budget.

Umami Pho Bowl

The main font was selected by the client, and a few other guidelines of interest, then I put something magical together. I actually had one where the background circle was larger, and I thought it worked very well, but it would not have worked for the sign application it was needed for. So the circle shrank, and a wider emphasis was created. on my screen the green looked a little different, so I hope it still comes across as intended.

Five Star Excavating logo

Sometimes you go through the process, and you still end up with simple. Here is what I came up with for Five Star Excavating out of Saskatoon. Just don't confuse it with 5 star binders, their logo has serifs.