Friday, January 27, 2012

Frankenstein Arctic Cat

Barber Wire kinda looks like stitches. Kinda-Sorta.
This Arctic Cat played a little on that. Emphasis on the lime green to go with the sled's lime green tunnel.
Artcic Cat 570 Custom graphics.

MorningWood Camo on Sled

A popular pattern for everything these days is Morning Wood Camouflage.
It can be adjusted to have your preference in colours.
For those not familiar with the pattern, if you look close you can tell the pattern is made up of silhouettes of seductively posed women.
Get this pattern, in your selection of colours from

A Polaris Dragon, with morningwood camo.

Tuesday, January 17, 2012

Xtreme Hot Oil - Ford Raptor Wrap

Xtreme Hot Oil and Pressure Services requested a wrap for one of their owner's Ford Raptor. I believe they do fracture mining (Fracing) for petroleum and natural gas. The design didn't take long, and the install was only about 18 hours. not counting cleaning. We had the opportunity to test out a Knife-less cutting system for installing the Vinyl. And I would definitely recommend it. Install was rather simple. It's totally about the prep work though. a clean vehicle in a clean Garage, with an extra set of hands. It this was my first complete Wrap. All others to date have been half or three-quarter wraps.

Passenger Side - Indoors

Passenger Side - Outdoors

The Hood. 

Driver's Side - Outdoors.

Driver's Side and Rear, without the ford logo put back on.

Here we have the Ford, Raptor, F150 Logos added back on.

Another with the logos back on. This photo was taken with a little less back lighting.
And because you never get to see the wrapped vehicle with a door open, here is a shot showing just that.

Friday, January 6, 2012

Retractable banners

Retractable banners are easy, affordable, trade-show set-up options.
Here is an example of one I did recently. The design don't have to be complicated. and are probably better if they are not anyways.
This Client/Realtor can be found on Facebook and YouTube.