Saturday, December 17, 2011

Fire on Ice - Snow Drags

The following is a poster for the Fort Saint John 'Fire on Ice' Snow Drags. That's Drag Races with Snow Mobiles. Info's on the poster.

Unsolicited Clent Feedback:
Again, thank you for your assistance with this, consensus from our team is it is an excellent poster.
-Wendy Swan

Tuesday, December 13, 2011

2012 NR Motorsports Team Graphics

NR's 2012 Team Graphics
If you would like the order a set, contact

Customer Feedback:
"These are awesome!! I hope you don't mind I posted them to our NR FB page."
-Garry Logan, NR Motors, Prince George.

Update: Kit on a RMZ 450:

Reckless Addictions Sled

Order your Printwerx Sled graphics from Reckless Addictions. They did.
Warren's feedback was: "The wrap looks absolutely unreal and that is an understatement!"

Expect more picks once the tunnel graphics have been put on too.

The Design. for a 2010-12 Skidoo