Thursday, August 22, 2002

Lambda, Sigma

An item created back when I was a novice at illustrator. a combination of Lambda and Sigma.
No real purpose, just a fictional letter self given project. abouts 1998

Rage of omecca

I created a series of Descriptor logos in 1999/2000
Each describing a single word. This is the only one of that series I could find.
Now days I think I would try and incorporate the word into the logo, or at least a letter. 
increase that stand alone quality

Pie is a Lie

It started as Pie, but with the number it became a Lie.
Composition from 1999-2000 roughly.

omecca Synergy / blue

This composition is called omecca synergy, or omecca blue
from roughly 2000. THis and the orange composition were my favorites of the time.

Early omecca

When I was first starting to use the omecca identity, these were some of the compositions that I used.

Old Self Portraits

Some old self portraits. I think they are about 1998-1999